The JUST Act

Today I kicked off the Standing Committee on the Status of Women’s proceedings on The JUST Act as their first witness. Here is my exchange with Karen Vecchio, Member of Parliament. My bill would require lawyers who want to become judges to be ... Full Article

My thoughts on Budget 2017

Justin Trudeau’s spending plans for this year made one thing clear: Canadians are getting nickel and dimed to death to pay for his out of control spending. Full Article

My Private Members’ Bill, the JUST Act

Everyone involved in sexual assault cases must trust that the justice system is fair. I just tabled my Private Members Bill, The JUST Act, in the House of Commons. You would probably be surprised to find out that today there are judges who are ... Full Article

My thoughts on Motion M-103

I know Motion M-103 has been top of mind for many Canadians. It’s a motion introduced by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. Here’s how I see it. To be clear, this is not a “bill” nor a “law”. It does not “introduce Sharia law” as some ... Full Article

Conservative Caucus Retreat in Quebec City

Conservative MPs are meeting in Quebec City and our message to Justin Trudeau is simple: It’s time to get serious. He has had a lot of fun in the last year: dinners with billionaires, exclusive cash-for-access events, and private flights to ... Full Article

Standing up for Alberta Families

I stood up today for families in Alberta that Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about. It’s time he start taking his job seriously and learn some respect. Families are out of work and facing hard times, and he is making their lives harder ... Full Article

13 Years as a Strong, United Conservative Party

13 years ago today, our great party was formed. Only three years after formation, we won government, and Stephen Harper became the sixth longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history. But our party’s journey is only beginning. In 2019 our ... Full Article