To Atlantic Canadians and our whole Conservative team


It’s great to be rolling up our sleeves in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities!

I’d like to acknowledge all the hard work our Atlantic Senators and local organizers have put into making this retreat possible. But even more importantly, I’d like them to thank them for everything they’ve done to represent Atlantic Canada’s interests since the election. Obviously, we’ve been a little shorthanded in the House of Commons, so we appreciate the heavy lifting.

I’m proud to have the first Conservative Party caucus meeting of the Fall Session in Atlantic Canada.

We are here for a reason:

To earn back the confidence of Atlantic Canadians, and to let them know we are fighting for the things that matter to ordinary, hardworking people.

The Liberals have quickly turned their back on this region, they are taking the support they received in this region for granted.

The people of Atlantic Canada need good paying jobs that will support their families – that is what we are fighting for.

The people of Atlantic Canada deserve representation on the Supreme Court – and that is what we are fighting for.

The people of Atlantic Canada deserve an ACOA Minister from Atlantic Canada – not Toronto! – and that is what we are fighting for.

Conservatives are proud to stand alongside the four PC Leaders here in Atlantic Canada – from Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and in Nova Scotia. We’re going to continue doing everything we can to ensure Atlantic Canada’s needs and interests are represented.

And above all our job is to be the voice of the taxpayer.

In this, we are a united force. I know every Conservative MP has spent these summer months back in their ridings, taking the time to talk with families about their household budgets. Everywhere I’ve been this summer, I’ve heard the same thing from Canadians: They’re growing concerned that these are the same old Liberals.

While Canadians were hard at work this summer, what was the Prime Minister doing?

I think the headlines speak for themselves:

– From the Calgary Herald: “Canada’s economy has worst performance since financial crisis [in 2008].”

– From the Globe and Mail: “Canada’s steep job losses another blow to struggling economy.”

– Global News asked: “Is Canada heading toward a financial crisis?”

The takeaways from these headlines are clear: The economy is in trouble.