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CPP Increases Means Higher Taxes

Has anyone ever looked at their paycheque and said, “I sure wish they’d take more of my money”? Simply put, hiking your CPP taxes will take more money off your paycheque. And we already pay way too much tax. We don’t need to pay more. Full Article

“ISIL is Committing Genocide”, writes Ambrose

Tragically under Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, Canada is sitting on the sidelines. The previous Conservative government recognized these actions as what they are: genocide. Read Rona Ambrose’s entire editorial to the National Post: ... Full Article

Canadian Armed Forces Day/Journée des Forces armées canadiennes

Today we pay tribute to the brave women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces, and recognize the sacrifice and responsibility that comes with wearing a Canadian uniform. The relative peace and prosperity that accompanies the privilege of Canadian citizenship has not been achieved without a cost. ... Full Article

Liberals force the passage of Bill C-14

Today the Liberals forced the assisted suicide bill through the House of Commons. They defeated all amendments from the opposition parties, including those based on conscience rights and providing better safeguards for those with mental illness. I’m disappointed that they shut down debate ... Full Article

Conservatives Continue to Call for a Referendum

Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef thinks that tracking a topic on Twitter is a better way of consulting Canadians than holding a referendum. The Liberals have total control of the committee to fundamentally change the way we vote. They do not respect Parliament and now we can ... Full Article